Orthodontist in Portage MI | Great Ways to Improve Your Smile

Orthodontist in Portage MI

We all know the importance of making a great
first impression. Whether you’re going into a job interview or about to go on
your first date with someone new, you want to have the confidence that comes
with a great smile. After years of wear and tear however,

Orthodontist in Portage | Orthodontics and Oral Surgery

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Portage-MI-OrthodontistAre you planning on having orthodontic treatment? In some cases, patients may be referred to our office for oral surgery prior to starting their orthodontic treatment. Below are some of the reasons why this can occur.

You need one or more teeth extracted.

Orthodontist in Portage, MI | The Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

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The benefits of orthodontics are no longer just for children and teens. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. There are many reasons why more adults are receiving orthodontic treatment to improve their overall lives.

Orthodontist Portage | Flossing with Braces

Importance of Flossing

Flossing is very important for many reasons.  There are many spots in your braces for food, plaque and bacteria to hide and wreak havoc on your teeth!  Floss can reach the spaces in between your teeth that brushing cannot and it is important to do to keep your smile healthy and happy.  

Portage MI Orthodontist | Brushing Excuses

We’ve all heard it a thousand times.  Brush.  Floss.  Rinse.  Repeat three times a day. Blah, blah, blah. While some of us are avid brushers, others of us tend to slack a little (or a lot) for various reasons.  No doubt, it is important to brush your teeth but sometimes it can be extremely hard to do. 

Orthodontist in Portage MI | Fruit Juice & Your Teeth: A Message From Your Dentist

Orthodontist in Portage

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Fruit Juice & Your Teeth: A Message From Your Dentist

Don’t be fooled by the label “100 percent fruit juice.” Drinks advertised in this way might seem like a healthy choice, but these drinks may be doing more harm than good.

49024 Orthodontist | 6 Harmful Habits that Affect your Teeth

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6 Harmful Habits That Affect Your Teeth


Nearly everyone has at least one habit that they wish they could break. Did you know that some of them can affect your oral health? Here are a few common habits and tips for how to break them.

Portage Orthodontist | The One Piece of Gear Every Athlete Needs

Orthodontist in Portage

An injury to your mouth can be a painful, expensive experience. For athletes, mouth and tooth injuries pose a very real risk. Mouthguards are an excellent tool for protecting your mouth from injury and harm. Our team can help you find a solution that protects your teeth.

Portage MI Orthodontist | Baby Teeth – Should My Child’s Teeth Be Removed?

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Making sure your child’s mouth develops properly is important. Part of a growing mouth will mean your child’s baby teeth will come out. For many kids, baby teeth loosen and fall out on their own, but every child is different. When you bring your child in for an orthodontic evaluation,

Portage Orthodontist | 6 Things You Never Knew About Braces

Orthodontist in Portage

The desire for straighter teeth goes back thousands of years. We’ve come a long way in improving our smiles. Braces have evolved over time to become more comfortable and efficient. Here are six things you probably never knew about braces.