Month: April 2020

Portage MI Orthodontist | Do you Think You are Too Old For Orthodontics? Think Again.

Most of us associate braces with early teen years, along with highschool algebra and acne. If you’ve been wondering what “could have been,” wonder no longer. Adult orthodontic treatment is an option for most adults, and don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of company.

According to the American Association of
Orthodontists over 1 million adults are wearing braces in the United States.

Updated Closure Information

Hello Sage Ortho Patients, Friends and Families,

On April 7th, the state of emergency in Michigan was extended through April 30th.  This mandates that Sage Orthodontics is to remain closed until the state of emergency has been lifted.  

If you have a scheduled appointment through April 30th,

Portage MI Orthodontist | Make Your Life Easier: Our Top 6 Hacks for Braces

While current technologies have made braces easier and less painful than ever before, they can still take some getting used to. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of six easy ways you can make having braces no big deal. Go ahead and try these out to keep your mouth healthy and beautiful.